Aha moment: Dominant Eye in Photography

The lesson-within-a-lesson of my Project 52 in Week 10 was Dominant Eye in Photography.  It seems my interest in following experts has once again led me to new thoughts.

When I pick up a camera I naturally looked thru the viewfinder with my right eye.  However, uber popular photographer Joe McNally made the “McNally grip” so popular it’s been referenced in many articles. He describes his method to hold a camera still, and among the tips is his reference to using the left eye.  I’ve spent the last 2 years learning to make using my left eye a habit.  After all, how often do we get tips from National Geographic, LIFE staffer photographers?

A recent trip to the eye doctor confirmed I am right eye dominant with this quick simple test: Extend your arms, looking at the back of your hands.  Hold that position, and bring hands together and overlap thumbs, forming a triangle by touching the tips of your pointer fingers together.  Look through this triangle at an object across the room with both eyes open.  Now close your right eye, then open it.  Close your left eye, then open it.  Which did you still see the object through the triangle?  That’s your dominant eye.  The eye doc insisted that the dominant eye is the eye to use for photography.  A Google search lists many other similar tests, and confirmed that sharp shooters, bow hunters, golfers, etc all know how important this is already! 

Aha!  We create our own way by the culmination of expert opinions, combined with our own experiences.  Education and experts bring more options at times than we can in our own vacuum; so information provides more options, but we can then choose our own best way.

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